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Records, designs, conceptualizes and handles avantgarde as enthusiastically as mainstream

Provides creative and farsighted quality management

Still works digitally



Media development

We are always keen to discover new ways of media use and technical innovations.

That’s why we are constantly in the process of developing our own formats whenever possible in order to explore current trends and their areas of application.

Because we are convinced that it is by only actually doing it that the full range of a new idea or technical innovation can be experienced.

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Marx Audio offers a complete service package for professional audio post production: from voice recording and directing to mixing in stereo, EBU R 128-standard and 5.1 surround to sound design and foley to music production of all genres. For more than ten years now, our location in Berlin-Charlottenburg has been up and running.

We have specialized in adapting international documentaries for German audiences.


Our team is pretty cool!


Marc Elsner


Born in Hamburg in ’65, university-entrance diploma achieved there, then arriving in Berlin via Los Angeles in 1987. SAE (School of Audio Engineering) and fall of the Berlin Wall defined the next years.

After that and until today operating sound studios in Berlin: Multiple Noise, Headroomstudios, Marx Audio, Blue Lizard (Uckermark).

Meanwhile producing, enigneering and live mixing for Die Haut, Mutter, Handfullaflowers, Fanfare Ciocarlia et al.

From the beginning of the 2000’s additionally getting involved with sound design and film mixing via Zerofilm/Arpad Bondy. Philosophy of life: 1-2-3-4!


Stefanie Nina Steinbichl

Sound editor

Born in Kempten in 1984. An early passion for music-making and recording with the family-owned tape player. After achieving the university-entrance diploma in 2003, her way led from the quiet Oberallgäu in Southern Germany to the suburbs of New York City as an au pair. After that studying at the Universität Paderborn (Popular Music and Media, B.A.) and the Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart (Electronic Media, M.A.). Contributing to several student film projects as boom operator and sound designer. Working as a sound engineer in Berlin since 2011, since 2014 with Marx Audio. In her spare time striking the keys with the band Yuri & Neil.


Florian Willuhn

Sound editor

Born in Zwickau in 1992. Already as a child he was keen on experimenting with sound and music. At the age of 17 his first EP (Inteam - Norw Y) was published by netlabel auflegware. He continued composing different kinds of music for various projects. In 2017 his Audio Engineering Diploma at the SAE Berlin led him straight to the studios of Marx Audio.


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